About AIIM

AIIM & Dr. Shefali Jain testtube baby centre was established in 1995 with the aim of helping childless couples desirous of conceiving. AIIM is one of the largest and most advanced testtube baby centre in the country and is affiliated to Genk Institute, BELGIUM and accredited with ISO 9001-2000system.

AIIM & Dr.Shefali Jain testtube baby centre has helped over 10000 couples achieve their dream of parenthood. At AIIM treatment is individualised to serve the specific need of patients and is channelled by the best possible medical care along with world class technology.

Since 21 years AIIM has been the benchmark of expert medical care, state-of-art services and has been dedicated to bring the joy of parenthood to childless couples.

At AIIM we believe in keeping 100% transparency with our patients and practicing our profession in the most ethical manner. At AIIM the patients spouse and family can view the procedures on the screen anywhere around the world,

At the AIIM you will always see the familiar face of your own health professionals. We believe that seeing the same physician each time helps build trust and confidence, reduces the level of stress, and contributes significantly to treatment success.. We make every effort to schedule appointments in a manner that respects your time and privacy. AIIM has been established to provide world class infertility solutions to suit every individual need in a totally transparent manner with utmost loyalty & faithfulness.

Emphasis is being laid to develop our centre as a place of worship, hence discipline and dedication is our religion.