Dedicated Team

AIIM is India’s largest test tube baby centre totally dedicated to the field of infertility where the patients are provided holistic care during the treatment.

At AIIM we have a team of 14 doctors and 40 paramedical staff members.

Our directors Dr. Dinesh Jain, Chief Embryologist and Dr. Shefali D. Jain, infertility specialist lead believe that the team plays a very important role during the treatment and thus we have a team of specialists which include assistant doctors, embryologists, counsellors, dieticians, and physiotherapists etc.

At AIIM we believe that our real success is when you take home a healthy baby from our centre and not just a positive pregnancy test, so we follow a holistic approach during treatment for our patients where each minute detail (example-weight, stress levels etc) is given importance and treated for by our specialists.

At AIIM we understand the pain and sufferings of each patient as everyone has faced a lot of hurdles socially or in personal life for which our counsellor helps them and instils a positive energy for their new journey towards parenthood.

At AIIM we have trained our staff to provide a very comfortable and homely environment to our patients so that our patients can open up and share what they feel. Our doctors are always humble to our patients so we clear a hundred doubts they have multiple times as we understand what they are facing.

At AIIM our team is always happy to help you.