At AIIM we provide most advanced technology and world class services under one roof to maximise the patient comfort and success rates at our centre

EMBRYOLOGY LAB- Poojan and Mantra


  • 2 benchtop- K-System 210 triple gas incubators for providing individual chambers for embryos to provide no disturbance during incubation  and embryo development.
  • 6 Box Incubators
  • 2 K-system Laminar flow working station with 2 stereozoom microscopes by LEICA & ZEISS
  • 3 Micromanipulators (ICSI machines) by RI (UK)
  • Air Handling Unit(AHU) for continuous air changes in collaboration with HITACHI – Japan
  • Phase contrast microscope by ZEISS for semen analysis
  • Cryofreezer tanks for vitrification by Cryologic – Australia


Used for

  • For Preimplantation genetic diagnosis(PGD)
  • Laser Assisted Hatching for recurrent IVF failure and women above age of 35years.

Intracytoplasmic Morphologically Selected Sperm Injection(IMSI) facility-first time in Central India for better sperm selection in males where conceiving is difficult due to abnormality of semen from the male partner.

  • The quintessence of is our laboratory, which is completely new and hi-tech. It has been installed as per international norms with the emphasis being laid on most modern machines and latest technology. There is a separate andrology section at the centre in order to keep a highly sterilized lab isolated from semen samples from different sources. This lab provides facilities for advanced test on sperms & sperm morphology.

Functionally, this area is used for routine semen analyses, sperm preparation for IUI & IVF & training programs on IUI.

Air contaminates have a major adverse effect on embryo quality & thus pregnancy rates. At AIIM most modern air handling unit not only gives positive pressure and continuous air changes but also guarantees further purification of air by filtering bacteria & fungus through heap filters.

High Standards of quality control according to European guidelines with a daily check of CO2, pH & temperatures. The techniques followed by us are as per the standards set by our associates in Belgium. The use of LASER gives an added benefit of success in cases of previous IVF failures and chromosomal defects.

  • At our lab we give an opportunity to our patients to watch their own procedure (IVF/ICSI) live from the lab and interact through audio communication system with our embryologists.