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Our daughter born on 4th July'2011 in Calcutta. We have given her name as Anshula. We both have no words to give our thanks to You and Dr. Dinesh Jain. You have given us a new life. We were fully frustrated when we met you in May 2010.

We will come back to Indore from Calcutta in May. We will bring our daughter to you at your institute. We are praying to God for the success and fulfillment of all dreams of Your Family. Kindly see the attached photographs of my daughter. We need Your Blessings for our daughter. With best regards.

Atindra Nath Sett & Chaitali Sett | File No. S-10-136 | Anshula
Dear Dr. Dinesh, Dr. Shefali and Dr. Ritu,

Greetings from the Sunny and Sandy Kuwait ! It gives Sumaiya (my wife) and I great pleasure to inform you all that we have been blessed with a cute little baby girl by the grace of Allah Almighty. Our deepest, heartfelt and sincere thanks to all of you for the help and support extended to us so that we could become proud parents!

Here, I would also like to thank each and every staff who was not only helpful, but very courteous and smiling. Please see attached pictures of our darling daughter who was born in Kuwait on 15th August, 2011. I know this is too little and I cannot thank you all enough. Nevertheless pass on my great appreciation to one and all at the AIIM Centre.

Thanks and Regards,

Mohamed Ayub Khan
Dear Dr. Dinesh Jain ,Dr. Shaifali Jain,

We are very pleased to inform you that we are blessed with two very cute little kids. It’s all because of your treatment thanks a lot find enclosed their pics & give them your blessings.

Madiha Hilal | Jammu
Taken ICSI treatment from your clinic... and i m proud to say that because of two of you we have got our family completed by the birth of twins (baby boys) on this 25th of March...we are very thankful to you and your entire team ...surely we will meet you before leaving to pune presently i m in bhopal with my parents... we would like to share promotion of your institute with every those who r in need like us. Once again thanx a lot to everyone and wish u all a best luck for future. herewith attaching a pic of new borns.

Megha Tare
Dr Dinesh Sir, Dr Shefali Mam and all team members I know it's part of your day to day, but my vocabulary is not big enough to underscore the importance of the work you do and did for us. Thank you for helping us achieves our goals of starting and completing our family by baby boy Arush (3yrs) and baby girl Arohi (6 month). Words cannot express enough how grateful we are for everything you've done for us.In helping get the BEST gift of our lives....'our babies! You have made our dream of having a baby come true! Thank you so much.
Monica Ashish Jain Jabalpur
Dear DrShefalijain& Dr. Dinesh jain It is our delightful pleasure to share the news of the arrival of our twins on 3rd of june this month. They were born premature at 36 weeks. Our baby girl weighed 1725gms and baby boy weighed 2037 gms. They are doing great & are now home after 3 weeks in hospital care. They both are gaining weight and adjusting in their new environment. Their height at birth was 47 cm for baby boy &46 cm for baby girl. They are on special formula diet for a while. Doctors are keeping constant watch on them but they are absolutely fine now. Thanks to everyone from our deepest hearts in your Institute who have come forward with such determination and optimism to make dreams come true of many people like us. Many have succeeded and many more to come.
Dear Shefali Mam and Dinesh sir We were blessed with twin baby girls "Riddhi and Siddhi" after six impatient years of marriage via ICSI treatment at your prestigious test tube baby center on 22nd Dec, 2011.Both mom and babies were healthy and are in fine health till today. We had two earlier failures of the same process at other places , IUI failures etc. But you have made our complete family protrait come true. You and your staff are fabulous, supporting and warm caring people. We can't name one or two people but all the staff especially Sheebaji, Himanshiji, Vinita ji, DeepikaJi, Nimeeshaji, Jitenderji, DrRituji, Rashmi mam, Bhandari sir............ (can't name all here) were too much supporting. We wish to thanks to all of you and wish you all belatedly a very HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY from deep of our hearts. You people are TRUE MOTHERS of our sweet lovely cute adorable babies. One request to you : Kindly suggest us rhyming names starting with "N" for our babies. Love you all, Heartiest Regards, Attached is a photograph our babies with Siddhi on Left side and Riddhi on right one. I will be sending other photographs soon and will definitely come down to Indore to meet you soon.
Mathur Romit
Dear sir I am Shanthan Kumar (shabaripalleria's brother) from andrapradesh sending the images of my son in law.s and we are very happy about your great gift n thank you very much for your cooperation
Shanthan Kumar
Dear Dr.Shefali& Dinesh We hadn’t realized how comfortable we had become with all of you, and how confident we were with the care you’d provided us. I always looked forward to visits, probably because you all seemed to care about us. Thank you for helping us achieve our goal of starting a family. We feel blessed to have found you and been under your care for our treatment and we appreciate your expertise, professionalism. Not to forget your caring office staff which is a fun group. We look forward to bringing our baby in to meet you next year! Thank you again
Somya & Vijay
I have got a son after completion of my wife, pregnancy in this month on 10th May. Respected Shefali Madam and Dinesh Sir My self and my wife both we are touching your legs. Really sir you both are GOD For us in this world Our heart thanks for all the Staff of your hospital Our special thanks to abhamadom and geeta sister Your
Sanjiv and Upashana
Almighty God has Blessed Us with Twins; Both Girls. 1St was Born 17/09/2012 @ 1045hrs Uganda Times while the 2nd Twin was born at 1050hrs weighting 1.6 and 1.3 kg respectively on 28th Nov 2012, they were weighing 4.6 kg and 3.6 Kg respectively. We shall always be Indebted to Financial, Moral, Spiritual and Technical expertise. We don't have words to express how happy we are for having such a Good friend like you. The twins will forever be a living Testimonies to your Friendship, Trust, loyalty and Commitment. WE SHALL NEVER BE STRANGERS BUT ONE FAMILY. We are HONORED to be associated with your Family. May God continues to BLESS AND ENRICHED YOUR HANDS
Truly yours Wilson & Jasmine Lakor