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Stress is a feeling of great mental and emotional strain. In general, a language called as “tension”. It not only affects health but may have adverse effects on conception.
It is often asked by couples,
Can Stress Cause Infertility?
Stress may not be the only factor causing infertility but may affect the chances of conception.
If the couple is stressed, then, it may lead to withdrawal or drop out from the treatment out of fear. It may affect decision making for further treatment.

Does Stress Causes Problems In Conception?

Generally, it is advised to the couple to be stress-free & be more relaxed.
Such advises cause more stress & generates a feeling in the couple as if you are a cause for your own subfertility.
Telling yourself to relax may cause more stress, anxiety & depression.
Stress may have an impact on both male & female partners.

In Females –
• Ovulation & cause an anovulatory cycle.
• May cause hormonal imbalance, mainly levels of glucocorticoids, growth hormones and prolactin are affected.
In Males –
• Sperm quality and quantity may be affected due to extreme stress.

Are There Methods To Reduce Stress?

Yes, finally take help of a counsellor who is there help you income out of the problem your yourself can find out a way to resolve the problem`

Stress Reduction Tools: –

The best way is some kind of physical activity/workout which produces a feel-good substance called endorphins.
Get involved in aerobics / yoga / swimming / dancing.
Reading good books on positivity which may help, music therapy also can be considered. Involve yourself in an activity which gives you great happiness and pleasure.
So friends, overcome stress and you achieve your goal.


Dr Shefali Jain

Dr. Shefali Jain is Gynecologist, Obstetrician & Infertility Specialist in Indore with more than 27 years of experience in the field of ART with highest success rate. She has received many awards for her exceptional work in the field of infertility. She has been an invited speaker to many national and international conferences.