HOS - Sperm Function Test for Vitality

HOS is sperm function test to differentiate live and dead sperms in a semen sample which contains only immotile sperms (Necrospermia).

HOS Test Procedure

Sperm that have been retrieved from the testes are usually immature and immotile and hence it is difficult to select the live sperms from dead sperm for ICSI or the injection of the single viable sperm into a single mature oocyte. This is a novel technique where individual testicular sperm is tested by the HOS-Sperm function test to determine if the sperm is alive prior to using it in ICSI to achieve fertilization.
The first step is to identify sperm from the testicular tissue which is similar to looking for a needle in a haystack.

Once the sperm is found and is isolated, it is drawn into a microscopic biopsy pipette.
Next the pipette with the isolated sperm is introduced to the Hypo-Osmotic solution. A live sperm which is a stable plasma membrane will respond to the Hypo-Osmotic solution by bending and curling of the sperm body and tail. This phenomenon confirms that the sperm is alive and hence can be used in ICSI to achieve fertilization.
The embryos generated can then be transferred on day 5 and result in a pregnancy.

At AIIM, we provide this high-tech HOS procedure for our couples where the male partner does not have sperm in his ejaculate and has to undergo testicular sperm extraction. After complex processing of the testicular tissue, the sperm are individually selected using this technique, and live sperm are separated from the dead Sperm by the HOS-Sperm function test technique and then used in ICSI with the partner’s eggs to generate embryos.

Why choose AIIM for HOS-Sperm Function Test For Vitality?

At AIIM, this hi-tech sophisticated test is carried out to select out the live (viable) sperms from the sample to be used subsequently for ICSI procedure to generate embryos.