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Antenatal Checkups (ANC Check up) Indore

Antenatal care is the systemic supervision of women during pregnancy to monitor the progress of fetal growth and to ascertain the well-being of the mother and the fetus. Antenatal care allows timely management of complications and provides an opportunity to prepare a birth plan and identify the facility for delivery.

Antenatal Check up Schedule:

Every pregnant woman needs at least eight antenatal check-ups but more visits may be necessary, depending on the woman’s condition and needs.

First Antenatal Check up Visit:

The first visit of pregnant women for ANC should take place as soon as pregnancy is suspected. This helps in accurate dating and confirmation of pregnancy.
Proper medications for the well being of the mother and fetal growth are started at this visit. This visit gives us an opportunity for proper history taking, counselling and investigations to rule out high-risk cases from normal patients.

Further Visits:

Out of the 40 total weeks of pregnancy, initial visits until 28 weeks are done monthly then further visits are done every two weeks until 36 weeks and then weekly till 40 weeks.
During these visits, proper systemic and abdominal examinations are carried out by experienced doctors of AIIM. Medications are changed according to the needs of the patient. Counseling by a dietician and physiotherapist is given at every antenatal visit. Fetal and maternal well-being is assured at every visit and counseling/treatment for various ailments of pregnancy is given.