Laser Assisted Hatching

Laser Assisted Hatching in IVF

Laser-assisted hatching is an additional lab procedure carried out on embryo developed by IVF or ICSI. The embryo is surrounded by a protective shell Zona Pellucida. The embryo naturally breaks the shell as it grows to get embedded in the endometrium. Sometimes, the Zona Pellucida is very hard making it difficult for the embryo to implant. In such cases, the embryologist breaks the outer shell in the lab just before embryo transfer. This is called assisted hatching. This manipulation is performed to enhance fertility.

Who should choose Laser Hatching?

It is not recommended for all patients undergoing IVF. It might help:

1. Women over 37 years of age
2. Women who have failed to conceive in previous IVF attempts
3. Poor prognosis patients
4. Sometimes performed in cryo-preserved embryo

Laser Hatching Process

The outer shell that is Zona Pellucida is cracked by making a small hole with the use of a laser. This procedure might help the embryo to expand, implant into the uterine wall & finally lead to pregnancy.

Why choose AIIM for Laser-Assisted Hatching?

At AIIM, we offer laser technology for hatching, where a precision laser beam is focused over Zona Pellucida making a small opening to facilitate the embryo hatching. LAH is done just before embryo transfer.