IVF and IUI with Donor Sperms

Donor sperm can enable you to have a family if you are not able to provide your own healthy sperm for any reason. Some common causes of male infertility include a low sperm count or lack of normal sperm cells. You might also need a sperm donor if you have undergone certain treatments or had medical problems in the past that prevent you from producing healthy sperm. Using a sperm sperm donor in Indore can also be a good option if you have a hereditary condition that you want to avoid passing on to your children. The donor sperm can used to fertilize your partner’s egg or a donated egg.

What is involved in sperm donation in Indore?

If you are planning to conceive using donor sperm, then there are two possible ways it can be used. The first is artificial insemination, which involves transferring the sperm into your body and allowing it to make its own way to the egg. The other option is IVF, which requires eggs to be collected so that they can be combined with sperm in vitro (outside the body). In most cases, In-vitro fertilization is only performed if there are any fertility issues that make it harder for you to conceive through artificial or intrauterine insemination.

Why Choose AIIM For IVF with Donor Sperms?

At AIIM, our main priority is to provide safe and quality care. We try to achieve the best possible match for our desirous couples. We co-ordinate with our licensed donor banks to provide us with the most suitable semen sample according to chosen criteria to give you the best results.

*All treatments are undertaken under strict ICMR guidelines