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AIIM IVF is one of the best IVF center in Indore. It is the fastest-growing and most trusted fertility center in central India. It provides a wide range of infertility treatments to help couples start their families. Visit us today.

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Each Case is Unique & Thus Requires Personalized Approach

Personalised Approach

Each Case is Unique & Thus Requires Personalized Approach

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Our services hinge around our commitment towards providing best-in-class fertility solutions to intending couples.

IVF is a procedure in which the woman’s eggs are fertilized with the man’s sperm in a laboratory. Formed embryos are then transferred into the uterus for pregnancy.

IUI is a fertility treatment where sperm are put directly into a woman’s uterus. The procedure can be performed with or without fertility medications.
Cryopreservation is the process in which cells, tissues or organelles are extracted, frozen and stored. The organelles can be used for managing fertility issues
Laser Assisted Hatching
Laser Assisted Hatching

Laser-assisted hatching is an additional lab procedure carried out on embryo developed by IVF or ICSI. The embryo is surrounded by a protective shell.

Advance laparoscopy

Advance Laparoscopy

Laparoscope is a small telescope, the size of 5 mm in diameter which is attached to high definition camera at one end.

Male Infertility
Male Infertility

Semen Analysis is advised at the initial infertility diagnostic workup by a fertility specialist. The report should be analysed according to the WHO reference range.

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AIIM IVF boasts about its team of world-renowned IVF and
infertility specialists with decades of experience.


Believing in the power of procreation, I entered the field of infertility management with a single vision in mind – that is – to provide the joy of parenthood to all the desirous couples possible. With advancements in technology, simplistic solutions to the most complex problems are available and that is our motto to bring little happiness to the world in the most effective way.


26 yrs of the journey started with the thought of providing quality care and world-class services to childless couples. Highest standards of care combined with best equipment, cutting edge technology, committed team and meticulous work resulting in the best results put us on the forefront in the assisted reproduction.

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