doctor takes blood analysis pregnant woman

Blood Workup Tests Indore

First Visit : –
Initial tests to be done are:
1) Complete blood count
2) Urine routine, microscopic and culture
3) S.TSH, Random blood glucose
4) HBsAg (for Hepatitis B), HIV (for Human Immunodeficiency Virus) , VDRL testing (for Syphilis)
5) Hb Electrophoresis

At 24 weeks:-

1)  Glucose Challenge Test (to rule out gestational diabetes mellitus)
2) CBC, Urine -Rout & Microscopic
3) Rh antibody titer (if the patient is Rh -ve & husband is Rh +ve)

At 11-13 weeks: Double Marker Test is done along with USG – NT scan to rule out any trisomies in the fetus.
If missed at this time, quadruple markers can be done around 16-18 weeks.

Apart from the routine tests, high-risk pregnancies like those with anemia, gestational hypertension, gestational diabetes, cholestasis of pregnancy, etc. might need additional testing like Liver function tests, anemia profile, kidney function tests, regular blood sugar monitoring, etc.

Two doses of tetanus toxoid at an interval of 4-6 weeks are recommended.
Compulsory Vaccines:

  • 1st dose of Tetanus toxoid: Between 16-20 Wks
  • TDaP Vaccine given between 27 to 36 Wks
  • Injection AntiD Immunoglobulin 300 mg: given to pregnant Rh -ve females around 28 – 34 wks to prevent RhD alloimmunization


  • Inactivated flu vaccine: – In the flu season