Sperm Freezing

Sperm Freezing is an efficient procedure to preserve male fertility. Semen obtained by masturbation is collected in a sterile container & provided to the lab for the process of storage in the cryo cans. These sperms can be thawed when you are ready to use them.

Who can choose Sperm Freezing?

1. Males undergoing vasectomy
2. Diagnosed with malignancy like testicular cancer
3. Storage of sperms for male partners who cannot be present on the day of egg retrieval or IUI.
4. For those who cannot produce the semen sample on demand

Sperm Freezing Process

Before freezing, some screening blood tests are required like semen culture, Hepatitis- B, Hepatitis-C & HIV (AIDS). A consent paper is signed.

A semen sample is collected after 2- 5 days of abstinence. The sample is frozen using advanced fast freezing process. The sample can be thawed when pregnancy is desired. A periodical renewal is required if you wish to continue preserving.

Why choose AIIM for freezing your sperms?

Apart from all the advanced technologies available, AIIM provides the best infrastructure where semen sample can be collected in fully furnished, air-conditioned, clean and comfortable rooms. In case of difficulty in collecting the Semen, the wife can accompany in the room and aiim helps in providing all the advanced technical instrumental and audio-visual aids in case of difficulties.