State Of The Art IVF Lab

The heart of an ART centre is the embryology lab. The team of embryologists really work hard to make your dream of having a baby come true. Since it is absolutely critical or a deciding factor for an optimum treatment outcome, the lab is supposed to be the best. Our embryology lab is designed to exact specifications and requirements for a standard reference.

AIIM'S State Of The Art IVF Lab Is Equipped With

Two Working Stations from K-system, Denmark worth more than 50lakhs.

Two Micromanipulator Stations: For oocyte injections and embryos/Blastocyst, biopsy, and assisted hatching.

8 Incubators: World’s best and most advanced incubators to develop best quality embryo for the best results.

Microscopes: Three advanced microscopes from Germany and Japan for best support to assist in a successful outcome.

Advanced Air Handling unit installed to maintain the best quality of air necessary for embryo development & affecting results.

Laser: Routine use of lasers in challenging cases of embryo biopsy, recurrent implantation fractures and frozen embryo transfers.

Good Cryopreservation Program to preserve eggs, sperms and embryos. a successful cryopreservation unit ensures better cumulative pregnancy rates in our patients.

A dedicated in-house team of four Embryologists:
The embryologists and clinicians work in perfect synchrony to optimize your chances of achieving pregnancy. Our chief embryologist also clears all your doubts about semen analysis, quality of oocytes and embryos with a detailed consultation about future fertility cycle.