PRP – Platelet Rich Plasma

Platelet Rich Plasma is gaining more and more popularity, not only for various medical disorders but also in the field of infertility. The theory underlying this condition is natural healing process.

Who can choose it?

  • Ovarian rejuvenation for women with
    – premature ovarian failure
    – low ovarian reserve
  • Uterine Platelet Rich Plasma
    – for patients with recurrent implantation failures
    – women with resistant thin endometrium


Platelet Rich Plasma is prepared from patients own blood by a special technique which takes almost 1 hour. This process accelerates the healing process because it contains high number of growth factors.

The Platelet Rich Plasma derived is immediately injected in the ovary either using a transvaginal probe or with the help of laparoscope in cause, laparoscopy is planned in the case.

For resistant thin endometrium or implantation failures, Platelet Rich Plasma is injected hysteroscopically or instilled in the cavity using an Intrauterine Insemination catheter.

These procedures may be repeated as per need.

Why choose AIIM for Platelet Rich Plasma?

This is a routinely used procedure in indicated cases. Although some doctors believe that Platelet Rich Plasma treatment is still more hope than reality but we have seen wonderful results in many cases where the outcome was thought to be futile. You may step in AIIM to avail this facility which is proving to be an inspiring strategy.