Sperm DNA Fragmentation Test

DNA is the genetic material in the sperm. Its integrity is crucial for normal fertilization and embryo development. DNA fragmentation indicates an abnormal genetic material within the sperms, which may lead to male subfertility, IVF failure and miscarriage. A normal semen analysis cannot detect sperm fragmentation.

Causes of DNA Fragmentation

There can be various causes of sperm DNA fragmentation like infection, fever, smoking, alcohol, stress, pollution, advanced age, varicocele.

Who should be advised for this Test?

Cases of-
unexplained infertility
– arrested or poor embryo development
– multiple failed IVF/ICSI treatments
– recurrent miscarriages

Why choose AIIM for Sperm DNA Fragmentation?

The facilities for performing this test exists at AIIM. After diagnosing the problem, appropriate therapy is initiated which may involve lifestyle modifications, prohibiting alcohol & tobacco, varicocele surgery, high dose of Vitamin C and Antioxidants & use of testicular sperms.