Fertility Preservation

Fertility Preservation is an option for men & women, who cannot or don’t want to achieve parenthood immediately but at the same time ensure to their fertility at a later date whenever they want. This can be possible by storing their eggs, sperms, embryos or tissues. Fertility Preservation is a technique aiming at preserving the chances of achieving pregnancy and completing their family.

Reasons to choose Fertility Preservation

Fertility Preservation Options

Females: – Egg freezing or embryo freezing. Ovarian tissue freezing, ovarian transportation to protect the ovaries during radiotherapy. Combination of all the above options is also feasible.

Male: –

Why choose AIIM for Fertility Preservation?

AIIM offers fertility preservation with appropriate intervention and necessary case prior & throughout the procedure. The treatment begins with psychological support & counselling. Pre-treatment assessment is very important. Proper treatment is followed by re-initiation of the treatment when the pregnancy is actually desired. AIIM provides services from the beginning till the end.