Preimplantation genetic testing – PGT-A It is highly specialised technique designed to identify chromosomal aberrations or hereditary diseases before an embryo is transferred to the uterus. The main goal of test is to select only the embryos in which no abnormality e was detected.

The indications for preimplantation genetic testing is most commonly as follows

  •  High risk of chromosomal abnormalities
  •  Repeated miscarriages
  •  Previous birth of an abnormal baby
  •  Repeated implantation failures
  •  Elderly women.

The preimplantation genetic testing is performed in early embryo development stage the embryo biopsy can be carried out on day 3 e for better day 5 blastocyst stage which is a better and a safer method to choose. The embryos which are found to be healthy are then chosen for embryo transfer.