Dr Dinesh Jain

Dr. Dinesh Jain

Infertility Specialist & Clinical Embryologist

I had my degree in the field of gynecology, but my scientific temper and innate interest motivated me to explore the most miraculous world of reproductive biology. I began training in the field of embryology from Belgium, GENK institute & ever since then, I have focused all my efforts towards the couples who find it difficult to conceive. Together with my better half, I am immensely thankful for the faith, belief and trust that everyone has extended towards us since 1995.

I am a firm believer in the mantra that perfection needs to be practiced as a routine. The embryology lab, which is the heart of the infertility centre, we generate the same spirit is by combining the best of equipment, technologies and meticulous work.

Constant and consistent innovation with a firm commitment to the latest technology always put us on the forefront in the field of assisted reproductive technology. All minute case details with the thought of combining knowledge, skills and technology ensured best results.

Education and Experience

Coming from a humble background, Dr Dinesh Jain did his M.B.B.S. and D.T.C.D. from MGM Medical College, Indore and started his career as a chest physician in 1988.

In 2004, he went ahead to change his specialization to Gynecology. He completed his diploma in Gynecology and took Embryology training from the GENK Institute, Belgium.

Currently, with 16 years of trusted experience and expertise in the field of embryology, Dr Jain possesses a special interest in male infertility.

Apart from bringing smiles to the faces of thousands of childless couples and individuals, his list of achievements also includes:

  • Doing the highest number of IVF Treatments/ICSI treatments in Central India
  • The first Surrogate Baby and Egg Donation Baby in Central India
  • At present, doing about 1000 cycles/year
    Member of ESHRE/ALPHA/ ASRM
  • Notable National and International presentations under his name
  • He juggles his roles adeptly being a clinician, counsellor and embryologist as well. His unique capabilities consist of performing all IVF tasks including TVS, Oocyte Retrievals, IVF embryology and Embryo Transfers single-handedly.
  • He is certified in PGD & embryo biopsy and practices them routinely.