Induction of Ovulation Indore

Ovulation Induction treatment involves the use of medications to stimulate the development of one or more mature follicles (where eggs develop) in your ovaries. We then advise you on how to time sexual activity over the next one or two days following treatment. Some female may experience irregular menstrual cycles. They may have an ovulatory disorder or a problem with regular ovulation. This can be due to polycystic ovarian syndrome, endocrine dysfunctions or other medical conditions. These patients benefit from a complete evaluation of their problem. The use of medications (oral or injections) helps in follicular development and ovulation. Regular monitoring of the response is required by ultrasound or blood tests. Once egg matures, ovulation is accomplished, we advise the couple for timed intercourse & in few occasions, artificial insemination using husband’s sperms is advised. Ovulation Induction can be tried in women for a couple of months (3-6 cycles) to achieve pregnancy.

Reasons to choose Ovulation Induction Treatment

Certain medications are given orally which fosters the growth of follicles that contains eggs. Even after this, if there is no ovulation or no pregnancy after ovulation, then gonadotropins are given via injection.
These help in follicular development and ovaries tend to produce high-quality, mature eggs.

Hormone levels of the body are tracked through several blood tests and ultrasound scans. This is done to trace the effect of the induced hormones on body.

After the follicles are between 16mm to 20mm in diameter and are mature, an intramuscular injection of HCG is given to prepare for inter course or IUI-intrauterine insemination.

Why choose AIIM for Ovaluation Induction Treatment?

At AIIM, we ourselves monitor each patient to titrate the dose of injection. This not only helps to optimize the results but also ensures patients safety as a little higher than the required dose may cause problems of hyperstimulation which is risky. This causes more harm than benefits.