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Thinking about IVF for a baby? You might wonder, “Could I have twins? Or will I have only twins?” because it’s a very common myth that IVF leads to only twin pregnancies. Does IVF make twins more likely? Yes and no. The number depends on the number of embryos transferred. It’s an exciting journey, but understanding the possibilities, the medical aspects that you need to take care of is the key. We will share in a deeper way now

What are the Different Types of Twins?

Diagram of Identical and Fraternal Twins Formation
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In simple words, Twins come in two types: identical and fraternal. Identical twins are like photocopies – they come from one fertilized egg i.e. an embryo splitting into two, so they’re genetic copies. Fraternal twins are more like regular siblings – two separate eggs get fertilized by two different sperm, resulting in twins who aren’t genetically identical.

Can IVF produce twins?


IVF can result in twins when more than one embryo is transferred in the uterus/womb. There could be chances of identical twins too, depending on how many embryos are implanted and how they develop. The number of embryos transferred depends on the history of the patient and the quality of embryos formed. So nothing to worry, it’s double joy, under expert medical care, if it happens. 

Does IVF Cause Twins?

doctor transferring multiple embryos
Inserting Multiple Fertilized Eggs IVF

IVF doesn’t make twins happen on its own, but it makes it more likely to have them if multiple embryos are transferred. In simple words: when doctors put more than one fertilized egg into the mom’s womb to boost the chances of getting pregnant, sometimes more than one egg grows into a baby. That’s when twins happen!

What are the Chances of Twins with IVF?

According to WHO, around 25% of pregnancies conceived through IVF result in twins. That’s the case if you ask us, how common are twins with IVF?

chart of multi-embryo transfer live birth rates
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When you’re going through IVF (that’s like helping nature make babies), there are good chances of twins with IVF. Isn’t that exciting? According to the World Health Organisation, about 1 in every 4 IVF pregnancies results in twins. That’s because sometimes doctors put more than one embryo in the mommy’s womb to make sure at least one grows big and strong. And guess what? Sometimes, both of them grow! So, yes, there’s a good chance of having twins with IVF, but it’s not guaranteed. And even a possible chance of identical twins IVF is also there. People also ask us – is it possible to have twins with one embryo transfer? Yes, it’s possible for one embryo to split and result in identical twins, though it’s less common.

A good IVF doctor will always share all such possibilities with the would-be mother. Just remember, while it’s exciting, having twins can also mean more care and attention. It’s essential to discuss any concerns or questions with your doctor.

What are the Benefits of Having Twins?

For this, we have spoken to various psychologists and psychiatrists to help you understand the same in a very simple way.

  • Twins are Built-in Friends because the siblings always have a buddy to play with and share secrets, making their childhood fun and less lonely.
  • While raising twins can be challenging in the beginning, it also allows parents to streamline certain tasks. For instance, feeding, bathing, and bedtime routines can be synchronized, saving time and effort.  Always double the love for the parent at the same time! 
  • They are always growing together and always less chances of clashes when you have twins. You turn out to be a happier parent. 
  • Call it genetic or divine, twins have a special connection that means they’re there for each other through thick and thin. Speak to any parent of a twin and they will tell you. how twins are always a built-in support system for each other.
  • In many cases, medical miracles have showcased in the past that sometimes twins seem to understand each other without even speaking. And this makes their bond very strong and special.

Identifying Risks of Twin Pregnancy in IVF:

Now let’s shatter the MYTHS around Risks associated with twin pregnancy in IVF.

There are no definitive risks, but there are higher chances of some conditions related to pregnancy to occur like pre-eclampsia, preterm delivery etc. So, read the details below carefully. 

benefits of having twins

1. Twins Aren’t Always High-Risk

Some people think that having twins from IVF means there will be lots of problems. But that’s not always true, unless you have a genetic issue or you don’t look after yourself well! IVF experts carefully monitor the mom and babies throughout the pregnancy to catch any issues early and keep everyone safe.

2.  IVF Twins don’t Have Complications

Some people based on hearsay often have a myth that IVF twins always have medical issues, but that’s not the case! We as IVF experts use advanced techniques and technology to ensure that embryos are healthy before they’re implanted and also take utmost care during pregnancy. This means reducing the risk of complications for both mom and babies.

3. Not All IVF Twins Need a C-Section

People often read myths on social media, from where they pick up things that all IVF twins need to be born by C-section. But that’s not true either! IVF experts work closely with the mom to create a birth plan that’s safe and comfortable for her and the babies, whether that means a natural birth or a C-section.

4. IVF Twins Grow Up Healthy

People might worry that IVF twins will have problems growing up, but that’s not true. IVF experts provide ongoing support and care for both mom and babies, ensuring that they have everything they need to grow up happy and healthy.

5. IVF Twins Can Be Different, Are Not always Identical

Not all IVF twins are the same! Some people assume that going for IVF will give them a chance of identical twins IVF. That’s a myth. IVF experts use techniques and monitor the quality of the embryo before transferring to determine the best embryos to implant, ensuring that each baby has the best chance of being healthy. They cannot assure you of same-faced babies!

Real Parents, Real Joy: Our Twin Journey at Asian IVF

Are Twins More Common with IVF?

In conclusion, IVF has revolutionized fertility treatment, offering hope to many to conceive. Through careful embryo transfer and ovarian stimulation, twins are possible, though pregnancy outcomes vary. Understanding ovulation, follicles, sperm, hormones, and chromosomes is crucial for successful IVF journeys, ensuring safe and healthy pregnancies.


How soon can twins be detected?

Twins can often be detected via ultrasound as early as 6-8 weeks gestation.

In which week do twins develop?

Twins form during the first few weeks after conception, when multiple embryos develop simultaneously.

What is the first sign that a twin is present?

Elevated levels of the hormone hCG (human chorionic gonadotropin) may be the first indication of twins.

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