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Now a lot of centres are adopting the policy of “freeze all” that is freezing of all the available embryos in the fresh cycles and transferring them in subsequent cycles.

But the question is whether this is correct according to the available resources? The evidence says and proves that freezing of embryo and transferring them later on maybe a good option for young women undergoing IVF. It works out to be the best option for a subset of women who have polycystic ovary thereby placing them under the high-risk category to develop OHSS, hyperstimulation syndrome. But in women of the older age group who have compromised oocyte quality as well as number, preserving the embryos may not be the best option for them. This option may not be good and should not be applied to women who are young and have a low ovarian reserve. In such cases also fresh embryo transfers may have better outcomes. So, freeze all policy is not for each and every woman who comes to us with the problem of sub-fertility but works out best for the uncomplicated young women with good ovarian reserve.

Dr Shefali Jain

Dr. Shefali Jain is Gynecologist, Obstetrician & Infertility Specialist in Indore with more than 27 years of experience in the field of ART with highest success rate. She has received many awards for her exceptional work in the field of infertility. She has been an invited speaker to many national and international conferences.